Monday, May 8, 2017

Project 54: Las Vegas Jackets

Now, you would not be the first to wonder why on Earth a person would work through the night to make jackets for a trip to Las Vegas in April, when temperatures were predicted to reach into the 80s. But remember, we spend most of our Vegas time in air conditioned casinos paying for the air conditioning. I wanted to have a black and gray denim jacket for day time, and use up the last of my black flocked velvet for an evening look.

Now, you wouldn't be the first to wonder why I thought that I would likely be able to tell the difference between day and evening from a casino gaming floor. Oh, screw it. I wanted them so I made them.

I'm particularly happy with the denim one. The black has already started to fade to indigo a bit, but it still blends with a black outfit really well. Same design as the previous jacket and some of the same issues with the damn welt pockets. Grrrr.

Sassy pocket theme: treble clefs!

Moving on to the evening wear version; since I wasn't color blocking, I had just one seam at the yoke, which is barely visible but still, I think, adds some sophistication to the lines. I'm very happy with the effect I got with the silver capped snaps working in concert with the silver zipper to illuminate the otherwise sea of black.

These sassy pockets, though, are the most sassy ever. That's right; it's the supernatural twinks of Twilight. I so fell in love with these boys that I went back to the fabric store and bought out the rest of the bolt. I'm going to make something really, really transgressive with it. Stay tuned.

It looks more blue in this light.


Supernaturally sassy!