Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Moment of Grace

Last Sunday night was shaping up like many before it. Doug was at work until 5:00 pm, and I had everything ready to make a nice dinner of oven roasted chicken and vegetables with a side of red quinoa with butter and salt.

I picked him up from work and we came home. I busied myself in the kitchen while he unwound and caught up on what had happened on the Internets during the day. I set the table and laid out dinner, which all turned out well. While we were enjoying it and talking something dawned on me that transformed my experience. I realized that this was one of those times that in future I would look back on as a rare and wonderful moment of perfect intimacy, peace, and enjoyment together. Through some unknowable grace, I could see the timeless divine light shining through each moment. We finished dinner and being the wonderful man that he his, Doug did all the dishes while I stretched out on the couch.

Dear gods, if I have served you well, when my last night on Earth comes, somehow let it be that night again. That's all I need.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Project 33: Ms. Executive Hoodie

I made this piece at the request of a co-worker from NOAA's offices in Washington DC. She was out in Seattle on a business trip and saw me wearing my Dress Hoodie and remarked on the fact that she didn't own anything with a hood. She asked if she could try mine on, so I slipped it off my shoulders and on hers. She decided she liked the style and asked me to maker her one.

Having never made a woman's jacket before, I decided to make a muslin first out of cheap broadcloth. I was certainly glad I did! The shoulders, princess seams, sleeves, and pockets all needed major changes.

This is where my Garment Designer 2.5 software really comes in handy. Being able to keep all the basic measurements intact and just make adjustments is an incredible timesaver.
Construction was slow but smooth. The sleeve caps are the best I've ever made. Very hard to tell from ready-to-wear. The welt pockets are also pretty darn tight for a home sewer. I added a hanging loop, which I feel gives a certain completeness to it.

My favorite part is how the zipper worked out. The shell closes over it so neatly, and because the traveler is bright shiny silver, it adds an accent to the front that I really enjoy.

Working with the silk charmeuse lining was intimidating at first, but as the project went on I learned not to panic when it wiggled out of shape and just wiggle it back in.

I'm hoping that I can talk her into modeling it and getting some good pictures, since you can't really see how cute the shape is on a hanger. I suppose that's why women's clothing is so often displayed on shapely mannequins.
I hope she likes it! She is a stylish young professional woman in our nation's capital and if she sees something appealing in my aesthetic and skills I am going to hold my head up high for a long time.