Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eight Years and Counting

Eight years ago today, Doug and I had our first date. We met a week earlier at a Vancouver Gaelic Society céilidh when I had come up to meet a visiting Gaelic singer, the fabulous Cathy Ann MacPhee. A mutual friend, Bruce Power of the Vancouver Gaelic choir, introduced us. I think that Doug and I hit it off because I knew I didn't stand a chance with this adorable blonde guy so I just kind of acted like my normal, sarcastic self. Turns out that was the right answer all along.

When he said he would like to come down for a visit the following weekend, I thought he just wanted to see some of his Seattle friends, or come to a house céilidh, or do some shopping. About eight hours into it, though, I came to the conclusion that I was on an actual date! I was quite surprised.

Since then we've each moved house, changed jobs, and helped each other through tough times. I've put 115,000 miles on my car driving back and forth to Vancouver and he's spent countless hours on Quick Shuttle buses. With all that we've been through, the good and the bad, I'd do it all over again if I had the chance.

Happy Date-a-versary, Sweetie.


Lingoman said...


Anonymous said...

The best dates are the ones you don't know you're on till afterward. Congratulations!

Sean Michael Hurley said...

whoops --- it looks like my questions re: your doings are answered right here. Who could have known such joy could find its way out of a hateful little mock-Norwegian fishing village (for either of us?)

Stan said...

Everytime I see this photo I smile. Seumas, you are such a brilliant, creative and caring person and so important to our family.

Knowing that you found your sweetheart is simply wonderful, and all the more so as we have gotten to know Doug better. He is a sweetie and now it's even more fun to spend time with both of you.

Many happy years to come!