Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Normal

March 13th. Really? I haven't written anything since then? I've got a couple essays in mind, so wish me luck in putting fingers to keyboard.

In my own defense I will note the following events since March:
  • Lingoman and I took a semi-last minute trip to Scotland for our ninth anniversary in April. Documentary to be released on YouTube soon and linked from here.
  • The Deepwater Horizon incident happened (and is still happening). I contract with NOAA you see, so I have had a total of six days without some kind of work since April 20th.
  • Féis Shiàtail 2010 happened. I was a co-chair so in addition to the oil spill work, I helped run this 100+ person residential Gaelic festival.

But I still can't believe I haven't written anything. Yes, the recording project is about to take a leap forward. Yes I'm thinking about Halloween costumes already. No, I didn't go to Pride in Seattle, but will be going to Pride in Vancouver. OK. That about covers it.

Here's a teaser to keep you interested: The upcoming essay is about the difference between freedom of religion and freedom to force your religion on others.