Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project 19: Jack of the Lantern Shirt

What happened to Project 18, you must be wondering. It's a two-piece look and not quite finished, but I leapt forward when this idea for a stealth Halloween costume came to me. I made an orange broadcloth dress shirt and sewed two big black triangles on the front. With one of my own silk ties on, it looks a little like a jack-o-lantern. When I put my jacket on, it just looks like a brightly-coloured shirt.

This is what I did wrong this time:

  • Put the placket on the wrong side AGAIN!!
  • used my serger to put a rolled hem on the bottom and missed a couple curves! Yikes!

After Halloween, I've offered it to my friend Carmen, who is fond of the colour orange. I'll put princess seams in the front, re-do the rolled hem and cut off the cuffs to three-quarter length and put a rolled hem there also. Oh. And I'll take the triangles off! I think it will look really cute on her.

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Celtic PRIDE <3 US!