Sunday, August 9, 2015

Project 47: True North Shirt

After making my Old Glory Shirt for the gig in Vancouver on Independence day last month, I decided I wanted to try my hand at a couple more flag-themed shirts. Here's the second one in the series for my beloved second home, Canada.

I had some beautiful red poplin in my stash that I purchased at Mood Fabrics, so I went shopping at my local Pacific Fabrics store for some matching white and found a pretty good pairing.

The first challenge was making the pocket with the maple leaf. I decided to to full-on DIY. I purchased a package of Steam-a-Seam sheets, which are essentially two sheets of paper with a layer of fabric glue between them. I was really happy to read in the instructions that they are pinter-safe! With a quick Google search I found a vector graphic of the Canadian flag which I was able to re-size and print onto the sheet. I then peeled off the blank side of paper, stuck the fabric on it, then carefully cut around the maple leaf. I then peeled the printed side of paper off and voila! a very tidy iron-on maple leaf.

I determined during my last project that my pattern piece for the collar stand was about an inch too long for the neck opening, so in that one I shortened the stand piece, In this one, however, I increased the size of the neck opening and I like it much better because I button the top button on this shirt easily. Yay!

I also re-drafted the collar piece to make it a little smaller, which I think looks more modern. I really like it.

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Nice shirt, eh?