Friday, November 13, 2015

Project 49: Boys Underwear

Nine pairs of colorful boys underwear
Nine pairs in the picture, but one didn't pass inspection.
Yes, those are my toes.
A friend of mine has a young son who had a kind of rough start in life medically speaking, but he's doing well now and is the most adorable, cherubic lad you could imagine. He does, however, have some challenges and one of them is skin sensitivity. The poor kid and his lovely Mum have a terrible time finding underwear that's comfortable.

I became aware of this back when I did my big production run of mens underwear for me and Doug. My friend wondered if the simple design combined with the very smooth, very soft bamboo jersey might be the key to solving the problem for the young man. I made him a sample pair, and they did the job. He could finally be comfortable all day.

This last week I was finally able to carve out enough time to do a production run for him, so tomorrow he's getting eight pair of super-comfy Taigh Sheumais Fashions boys trunks. Cheerful colours, colour blocking, and contrasting stitching because who wants boring underwear?

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