Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Project 53: The Pirate of Mens Pants

Five pair of jeans, light blue, red, dark gray, dark blue and medium gray.
I made seven pair, but these five are the best.
Groan if you must, but it was either that or Lord of the Pants. Anyway, Back when I made my Black Velvet Pants I thought I had the whole trouser thing down pat, but when I tried to make myself some jeans, I realized that the geometry for pants is quite different from that of jeans. I went through eight different versions of the pattern before I got the fit just right.

Light blue and red jeans with printed pockets turn out.
Sassy pockets!
Having succeeded with the pattern drafting, I went to town and made a bunch of them. I can now proudly declare that when I step out my front door, I'm almost always wearing my own jeans!

Along with getting pretty good at sewing a fly with a zipper shield, I've settled on my signature move in jeans; Sassy pockets! I pick up a couple quilting remnants (called fat quarters) in a print that I like and make the pocket bags out of them. I'm usually the only one who sees them, but I think they're really fun.

detail of zipper shield in fly.
Fly with zipper shield. Pretty close to RTW!
Speaking of sewing a fly, I watched a bunch of videos and read tutorials but ultimately I figured out my own way of doing it that I actually think is better than anything I read or saw on YouTube. I may have to make my own video about sewing a fly in my spare time.

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