Friday, August 29, 2008

Hella Gay Gordons

Living in 21st century North America our ears are insanely narrow. If there's a 4/4 drum beat behind something we like it, if not it's weird.

Turns out it works with Scottish dance music as well. Just a couple drum loops and my cheesy fiddle and harp rendition of a set of dance tunes for Gay Gordons sounds all cool.


Update OK. Maybe "cool" was an exaggeration. "More accessible to modern pop-music sensibilities." Yeah, I guess that's closer.

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lcdseattle said...

Cool may be a stretch but take that with a shaker of salt because I'm not really into the same music as Mr. Gagne.

Acceptable, normal and a Denny's "nice" would seem just a little more accurate to these very white 21st century ears.

I do appreciate the attempt at making Gaelic music more familiar though.