Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to the Golden Calf

Well I'll be. The Christian right has drilled so far down into the old testament that they've popped out the bottom.

Cindy Jacobs of the 700 club is calling for a prayer intervention to put the global economy under Yahweh's control (apparently he can't do this for himself) centered on the bull statue on Wall Street in New York.

No kidding. They're praying to a statue of a bovine for wealth. LCD Seattle thinks it would be fun to show up in Moses costumes and rebuke them.

Read more if you can stomach it. Prayer Needed for Global Economies


Hippy Goodwife said...

wow. Just holy fucking wow.

michael sean morris said...

How very Hindu of them... But wasn't the golden calf Moses railed against the symbol of Baal? I seem to recall that, but then most of my Bible knowledge comes from Cecil B. deMille movies.

Maybe they're praying for a Wall Street Baal-Out! Badump-tish!

queltica said...

I'm with Hippie Goodwife on this one!

Lingoman said...

I'm with LCD. Rebuke! Rebuke! Honey, I'll need that caftan and a ticket to NYC. :-D