Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey! Or Reasons I Love Lingoman

In honor of my fiancé's birthday today, I thought I would take a few minutes to write down some of the reasons why I love him so much. So, in no particular order:

  • He cares deeply about issues beyond our daily lives He gets really angry when people are mistreated. It doesn't matter whether or not he knows any of them personally. He cares about the direction human society is going in, even though we don't have any kids. He's keenly interested in minority language revival and all the social justice issues surrounding it. He just cares.

  • He's not scared of the things that scare me I fear adversity. I doubt my own ability to deal with crises in my own life. I'm fearful in new social situations and he helps me with all of those things.

  • My family and friends love him too and he loves them.

  • We share many, but not all interests We can talk about so many things that we are both passionate about, but also share things the other doesn't know and broaden both of our perspectives.

  • He's Canadian which means that we can really get married!

  • He's sexy and a super cuddle bug.

  • He's deeply honest which inspires an abiding trust in me. I know that he would tell me the truth in a crisis. He's already had to more than once.

  • He loves me and that's never happened before. At least not that I could believe.

  • He thinks about his life and changes direction when his inner compass tells him to.

  • He has an inner compass Not everyone does, you know!

  • He's a Gaelic speaker Let's be honest - that should probably be nearer the top of the list! Of course there are the other dozen or so languages, but I'm trying to be concise here.

  • He loves to eat Something we share, much to my cardiologists dismay.

  • We're not threatened by each others religions When we met he self-identified as a Druid, and I as a Wiccan. He's now a Buddhist and I've drifted in a more firmly polytheistic direction. Some people might have tension about that, but we don't

Most importantly, he awakens an ever-deepening love and respect for him in me that is like a campfire, a rose, a waterfall, a sunset and a steaming dish of butter chicken all in one.

I love you, Honey. Happy Birthday.


Adam said...

I am a big fan of Doug, too. I noted at Feis 2002 that Doug, besides making Seumas happy, is well-read, a good discussion member in a conference class, and also very unassumingly sharper than a tack. It's hard to find all those qualities in one person.

It kills me that you two have to jump through so many more hoops to get legally married than I did. In any case, many of your friends recognize your relationship even if the State of Washington won't.

Val said...

I love Doug as well. He is the most amazing friend. He is witty, perceptive and loveably sarcastic. He has a great deal of patience (apparently to be my friend you need great quantities of patience) and is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. In any of my - apparently frequent - crises, he can be depended upon to lend any amount of moral support required. It is nice to have a friend who is so intelligent and caring. I am so glad he found you Seumas as you both desesrve so much happiness. Happy Birthday Doug and my love to you both.

michael sean morris said...

Yep, that's a pretty good summation.

He took me into his home after I was rather abruptly dumped, and turned what was supposed to be a temporary situation into three years of healing through absolute compassion and unconditional love. If he hadn't have come along when he did, I don't know where I'd be right now. And he didn't even know me that well at the time...

This man's birthday is a reason to celebrate!