Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hearts Break Open

In the midst of all the swirling hope and despair of the last couple weeks a poem I wrote the last time I fell for a straight guy kept coming to mind.

I think we're born so our hearts will break
because when hearts break they break open.
We rarely see without that cracking
what we have and what we're lacking.

In other gay-themed blogs I read the subject of marriage equality over the last few years has provoked an array of opinions from Hell yes - nothing else will do! to gays who want to marry are denying their true gayness and trying to be straight. We're a conflicted generation to say the least. The gays in their twenties and early thirties, however, have no such conflicts. They stand united for marriage equality.

Let's let them lead and back them up. They see the issue more clearly than we do.


michael sean morris said...

I can't see the logic in denying other people the right to marry just because I don't want it for myself.

As for gays who marry 'trying to be straight', there wouldn't be this decadent gay identity if it hadn't been for the bigotry we've encountered growing up.

These Castro queens are simply prolonging their own oppression by living a reactive life rather than doing what they want proactively.

I believe we at the Pop Culture Institute refer to this as 'homo-normative'.

Adam said...

Seumas quoted, as an illustration, "gays who want to marry are denying their true gayness and trying to be straight."

I have never understood this. Would the converse be that since I am "straight," all those years I was unmarried I was actually denying my straightness and trying to be gay?

True marriage equality, in my opinion, will be reached when every member of the LGBQT community has the ability to choose whether or not to get married, just like the straight community can do right now.