Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank Ye Gods and Peeps

Tomorrow it's off to Smallsbo to spend the day with the family. My task this year was to make desert, so being desperate for people's approval and praise, I'm making two. A cranberry pomegranate upside down cake and a trifle. Come to think of it, I really should be baking right now.

Anyway, before I get to it I'm going to make this year's list of things for which I thank the Gods and my beloved peeps.
  • Contract Funding I'm thankful that in January when the Great Budget Scare (GBS) of 2008 hit that I and my team were spared and we've been working all this year.
  • Lingoman He was key to me not losing my mind during the GBS.
  • Lingoman's Mother She offered to help me stay afloat if I lost my contract and needed cash.
  • LCD Seattle and the Viking Getting through the day at the office would be so dreary without them.
  • Music I've gotten some really cool performance opportunities this year and I feel like my performing career is on the way back. Getting started on my solo album has also been exciting and rewarding.
  • Sewing Duh. Like I haven't written enough about that!
  • Seirm I'm very happy that our Gaelic community band and choir is coming back strong and that K has come back and C has joined.
  • Revels I know - I already said Music - but being in Revels this year is something that my soul really, really needed.
  • You I've loved writing these little posts and am very grateful for the time you're taking to read and comment. Makes me feel good.

OK. There's some egg whites that are begging me to whip them into a frenzy.


michael sean morris said...

One of these years I'll make that list! I gotta try harder!

Seumas Gagne said...

You're on the list of 'peeps' silly man!