Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Project 11: Halloween Costumes

Last Halloween, when I had just received my sewing machine two months earlier and was still slightly puzzled by thread tension knobs and bias tape, Lingoman made a trip down to Seattle. After picking him up from the bus station, we went out for a meal in Baile Ard and saw a young woman in the most exquisite Wonder Woman costume I had ever seen.

That gave me the idea of making costumes for us this year. I shopped online and found a pattern for costumes that looked like something out of World of Warcraft (which we both play). They were pretty challenging. Using heavy weight interfacing covered with lame to simulate armor was quite an adventure in sculptural sewing!

We planned to attend the Parade of Lost Souls in Vancouver, and LCD Seattle decided to join in the fun at the last minute, so I made him an Evil Monk costume. Unfortunately, the parade was not held this year so we just did a photo shoot at the Vancouver City Hall and went out to a gay dance bar.

Many Thanks to Xena Warrior Princess (not pictured for privacy reasons) for helping me out of my funk and giving new, exuberant life to my 10-year-old custom made leather battle dress.

I lost count of how many people stopped us on the street to get their picture taken with us. It was a truly fun time, and I succeeded in convincing Lingoman and LCD Seattle that going out in costume can be great if your costume is high quality.

Now... for next year...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hmmm, I think Vancouver City Hall IS pretty much a parade of lost souls, isn't it? Your costumes are fabulous!

Sophia said...

It was a privilege to wear battle armour with you, Seumas.

love Xena.

lcdseattle said...

It was an incredible weekend and the costumes were a hit with the wearers and general public.

Thank you so much for a fantastic time that I will cherish forever.

-Evil Monk