Sunday, July 27, 2014

Project 36: Jersey Skirts

My close friend Carmen, the mother of my godson (my god-baby-mama) handed me an interesting challenge a couple weeks ago. She has several knee-length cotton jersey skirts that are staples in her wardrobe and getting near the end of their useful life. She hasn't found any equivalent, so asked me to try to duplicate them.

I made the first one out of some black cotton jersey that I had in my stash to be sure that I had gotten the fit in and shape right, and I hadn't. It was usable, but wasn't full enough at the hem for daily wear. I re-drafted the pattern with more flare (room, not style) and made a second one with some red jersey for which I had no particular plan and it worked great! A side benefit is that my stash of knit fabric is shrinking, bringing me closer to my next New York trip to Mood Fabrics!

We made a trip to our local Pacific Fabrics store, picked out some lovely blue material, had a couple martinis at Saffron on the way home, and voila!

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