Monday, July 28, 2014

Project 37: V-neck Pullover

I have an upcoming project that is going to require a well executed v-neck, so I decided to quickly design and make myself a v-neck pullover for practice. I had a beautiful length of cream coloured ponte and decided to contrast it with a black neckband.
Drafting the pattern was much easier than the last time I attempted a t-shirt because my understanding of garment construction has come so far. I knew to lengthen the shoulder seams, shorten the armseye, and add six inches to the overall length since apparently the default silhouette in GarmentDesigner is a cropped suit jacket with high cap sleeves.

Cutting and sewing went exceptionally smoothly; taking in total less than four hours thanks to an excellent tutorial on YouTube about v-necks by Melly Sews.

I wore it to work today and got several positive comments, so I am well pleased. Before I do a production run, I think I will make a few adjustments to the neckline. I really don't have the necessary set of pectoral muscles for such a plunge!

There is upon reflection a certain Star Trek The Original Series feeling to the overall garment, so I will refrain from producing any red ones.

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