Monday, December 29, 2014

How To Boyfriend: The Gift Giving Edition

Every year in November, Doug reminds me how difficult I am to shop for. I'm a minimalist with reasonably good income and reasonably poor impulse control. This year, as he often does, he asked for hints. Hints I can do. List? No way. That turns the whole thing into a transactional obligation and banishes the magic.

Over the course of the last thirty days I've sent him these text messages at various times:

Thanks for the stemware, Baby. Gin-o'clock!
Red KitchenAid two slice toasters are so lovely. I'm quite distraught about mine being broken you know.
I feel so ratchet when I drink martinis out of ordinary glasses when I'm in Seattle. I just love the ones at The Olive and Grape with charming coloured glass stems.
Sometimes when I'm working on black fabric at night I wish I had a good task lamp for my table. I should ask for a recommendation the next time I'm in Fabricana.
To which my prince responded:
I see what you did there. 
And because he's the most awesome man ever known to me, he started following suit:
I find it annoying to do laundry so often since the laundromat in Inverness wrecked one of my two good pairs of jeans. I often get work clothes at Old Navy.
In learning a little Turkish I keep wishing I had a small dictionary that indicates long vowels and unusual word stress, because the standard orthography doesn't. I'd even get rid of a book or two to make room for it.
(Yes, he's learning Turkish now)
And I do so miss Babylon 5 and wonder if it ever came out on DVD.
And that, dear readers, is how you boyfriend. Can there be any doubt why I adore him so?


Traepischke said...

No doubt at all, Seumas, and equally, no doubt at all as to why he's smitten with you. <3

BronxGirl said...

Is there any doubt why I adore you both? (And miss you terribly. When are you two coming back to NYC? I STILL haven't been to Mood.)

Tanya Cheyne said...

The two of you are just perfect for each other! I just wish you would set a date so that I can start planning to come back to the North America. Enjoy your first footing in the next few days and may the new year bring you the joy and peace that you both deserve.