Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blessing on All Future Guests

This is the second of the four enchantments that I designed for my House Blessing / Spell Casting party when I moved to Baile Ard in 1999. See Spell to Attract a Cool Boyfriend for more details on the event.

Blessing on All Future Guests
This one's a snap! Sit on the couch and hold your drink up as if to make a toast while repeating the following:
On this couch my ease I take
And hereby conjuration make:
All who do likewise from this day hence
Shall never lack for common sense.
They shall not want for food or drink
Nor thoughts worth the time to think
But live in wellness and contentment
Free from worry and resentment.
Heed this charm!
Cause no harm!
So mote it be!

Of all four of the spells, I think I'm proudest of the intent and aesthetic of this one. I had countless wonderful social evenings in that home, and I'm just crazy enough to think that all the times this spell was cast on that Friday evening in June 1999 had something to do with it.

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