Thursday, March 30, 2017

Project 53: Denim Jacket

After my Pirate of Mens Pants project I had quite a few denim remnants left and I decided to try my hand at a denim jacket. I first used up the black and grey fabric and got a prototype together that I liked fairly well but it had a few fit issues and the sleeve cap geometry was a little awkward.

This is the second version of the pattern and I'm quite happy with the fit. The cuff bands were supposed to be the dark color, but I screwed them up the first time and only had the medium blue fabric left. I still think they look pretty good.

The welt pockets were exceptionally uncooperative this time for reasons known only to themselves. I think I just have to make them a hundred times in order to figure out every trick of getting them to come out perfectly.

For my sassy pockets fabric, I chose chubby baby mermaids. Doesn't that just make you feel better reading those words? Chubby Baby Mermaids!

Now that I'm quite happy with the pattern I'm going to make another black and grey one like my prototype, then make a third with a quilted lining for the winter.

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